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Quality and coordination of applications for research proposals
The research to be supported will be assessed on its scientific value and quality by an independent committee and will be approved by the Medical Research Ethics Committee (MREC). The Corona Research Fund funds research on the basis of the scientific opinion and advice of the coordination committee of the recently established 'Amsterdam Corona Units Clinical Trial Center' in the Amsterdam UMC. This centre will coordinate research related to COVID-19 and will support the researchers and clinical departments as they conduct this research. 

PBO: tax deductible
The Corona Research Fund is part of the AMC Foundation, Amsterdam UMC’s fund-raising foundation at AMC. The Dutch Tax Authority has designated the AMC Foundation as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO - ANBI in Dutch). That means that benefactors may deduct their donation on their income tax return (in accordance with the applicable rules). The AMC Foundation does not have to pay any gift tax on donations.

The RSIN number or tax reference number of the AMC Foundation is 8051.65.812.
The Chamber of Commerce number is 41204333. 

Direct payment
If you would prefer not to donate through this website, you can also pay your donation straight into:

IBAN NL11ABNA0488498570
in the name of Stichting AMC Foundation
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