Deloitte C&M Move Your Feet 5km Challenge

Move Your Feet 5km Challenge
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from €1.500 (101%)

Join us in walking or running 5km in support of coronavirus research at Amsterdam UMC.

Scientists, doctors and all the other people working at Amsterdam UMC are putting unremitting energy into finding a solution for COVID-19. The objective of this 'Corona Research Fund' is to give scientists at Amsterdam UMC the chance to launch research projects more quickly in the battle against coronavirus. The sooner we can start, the greater our chances of overcoming this crisis.

Now, more than ever, it is important we stay physically and mentally fit; and what better way to do that than challenging ourselves to achieve something great for a worthy cause!

Please ensure you uphold all RIVM guidelines when taking part in the challenge.


The Challenge


Walk or run at least 5km , making sure to record it.



Donate at least € 5 .



Share your success with friends & family to boost funding.


Please post your images and videos on the C&M Teams channel.


Good luck!


More information about the challenge
Thomas Holliday,
More about the fund


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